The Research Infrastructure ACTRIS – Aerosols, Clouds and Trace Gases - is the pan-European initiative that unites the observations and related research of aerosols, clouds, and trace gases among European partners to provide high-quality research infrastructure services to a wide user community. 
The ACTRIS community comprises world-leading expertise in atmospheric science, observation, process studies, data analysis and modelling, data management, delivery procedures, and in Research Infrastructure management. The best available knowledge of the measurement instruments and atmospheric data dissemination in Europe.

ACTRIS-IT is the Italian component of the distributed research infrastructure ACTRIS.
It promotes and facilitates the Italian participation in the implementation process of the ACTRIS research infrastructure by fostering the national scientific research in the field of aerosols, clouds and trace gases, and their crucial role in understanding climate processes.

ACTRIS-IT stimulates technology transfer, and it promotes scientific dissemination, education and training activities. ACTRIS-IT is based on a number of different facilities distributed throughout the national territory including observational sites with multi-parameter instrumentation, laboratories and experimental simulation chambers. It strongly contributes to the implementation of the ACTRIS Lidar Calibration Centre, the ACTRIS Data Centre and the ACTRIS Head Office.

ACTRIS- IT has been formally established in 2017. Since 2014 it has received political support and financial commitments by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR).

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