C-band precipitation radar and Cimel/Aeronet sunphotometer
C-band precipitation radar and Cimel/Aeronet
Rayleigh-Mie-Raman lidar
Rayleigh Mie Raman lidar
Mobile Aerosol Laboratory
Mobile Aerosol Laboratory

CIRAS is a CNR atmospheric observatory located in a flat, semi-urban environment at the southern outskirts of Rome, Italy (41°50.4‘N-12°38.8‘E, at 110 m MSL). CIRAS began operating in 1997 by combining the expertise of ISAC experimental groups.
Current observations address the study of atmospheric composition, boundary layer dynamics, meteorology and precipitation.

Observational methodologies involve ground-based and satellite remote sensing plus mobile and fixed air monitoring of atmospheric composition and precipitation. Lidar, Radar and Sodar instrumentation developed at CNR-ISAC Rome is employed together with state of the art commercial instrumentation.

Validated data products and quicklooks are produced for both international and national networks (e.g., Aeronet, E-Profile, Earlinet, NDACC, Skynet, Alice-net, Arpalazio-net), and for ground validation of satellite missions (e.g., GPM, EarthCare).

In ACTRIS terms, CIRAS addresses the Aerosol in-situ, Aerosol remote-sensing, Trace Gases Remote Sensing, and Cloud Remote Sensing components.

Descriptions of single experiments operating at CIRAS and relevant contacts are available at www.isac.cnr.it/en/observatories


Data generated within CIRAS can be explored at the following links:



CIRAS email contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Gian Paolo Gobbi (CIRAS Scientific coordinator);

- Luca Di Liberto (CIRAS Technical coordinator).


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